Inside the Refrigerator

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In an effort to help us make better grocery purchasing decisions, we created this article of what's inside our refrigerator. This is to help:

  • Reduce purchasing duplicate items
  • Reduce food spoilage
  • Reduce the number of trips to the grocery store

The challenge will be trying to keeping the article updated.


Item Quantity Purchase Date
Potatoes 2 lbs. July 26
Onion 1 July 12
Zucchini 2 July 26
Cucumbers 2 August 9
Green Pepper 1 August 9
Red Pepper 1 August 9
Carrots 3/4 lbs. August 9
Fresh Express 5-Lettuce Mix 1 package August 8
Pickles 1 jar August 9


Item Quantity Purchase Date
Applesauce 4 cups August 9
Peaches 3 cups August 9


Item Quantity Purchase Date
Milk 1 gallon August 14
Butter 2 sticks August 8
Chive Cottage Cheese 3/4 container August 4
Yoplait Light Yogurt 11 containers August 14
Light Sour Cream 1 container August 14
Brummel & Brown's Natural Yougurt Half container
Creamy Havarti Cheese 3/4 package July 26
Garlic Pepper Havarti Cheese Whole package July 26
Herb Chevre Goat Cheese Whole package
Gouda Cheese Whole package
Cream Cheese 2 packages August 14


Item Quantity Purchase Date
Eggs 6
Smoked Turkey Sausages 1 whole
Turkey Franks 1 package


Item Quantity Purchase Date
Diet Coke 1/2 bottle
Perrier Water 1 bottle
Juicy Juice Punch 2 boxes
Safeway Flavored Water 5 bottles August 14


Item Quantity Purchase Date
Salad Dressings
Balsamic Breeze Salad Spritzer 1 bottle
Italian Salad Spritzer 1 bottle
Bernstein's Light Fantastic Cheese Fantastico 1 bottle
Light Catalina 1 bottle
Ketchup 1/2 bottle
Yellow mustard 1 bottle
Spicy brown mustard 1/4 bottle
Miracle Whip Light 1 jar
Mayonnaise Light 1/4 bottle
Pickle relish 1 bottle
Sriracha hot chili sauce 1 bottle
Worcestershire sauce 1 bottle
Sweet and sour dipping sauce 1 bottle
Tarter sauce 1 bottle
Honey barbeque sauce 1/2 bottle
A.1. Chicago Steakhouse marinade 1/4 bottle
Salsa 1/2 container
Chocolate sundae syrup 1/2 bottle
Prego Tomato, Onion and Garlic sauce 1 jar
Strawberry Jam 1/2 jar


Item Quantity Purchase Date
Tortilla 1 package August 8