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<flickr>1388744730|frame</flickr> Many of you have arrived here through my website at Within the pages of this wiki, I hope to gather and organize my collected knowledge and experiences from which not only can I draw upon, but also you.

Why Wiki?

Probably the most famous example of a wiki is Wikipedia. Over the last two years, I have been experimenting with wikis, mainly creating them for work-based projects, such as an Amphitheater Operations Manual. The software used here for this wiki is the same software that drives Wikipedia.


I find the collaborative nature of the wiki incredibly liberating and fascinating. It is my eventual hope to freely open this knowledge base to others from which they can partake and contribute.


It is interesting to watch a handful of random pages come together, link to one another, eventually multiply with the addition of other pages and then to realize after a few brief moment that you have produced an incredibly sweet knowledge base.

Thomas Edison

I recently found an article on Thomas Edison and his note-taking ability and thought it best explained the importance of my wiki. His diary contains five million pages, and all of his important developments are captured in great detail in his notes. Below are the main elements of his note-taking system:

  1. Any useful or important development was recorded so that no effort was wasted in repeating experiments or efforts unnecessarily.
  2. Forward-looking.
  3. Rearward-looking.
  4. The record system was searchable.
  5. Who, what, where, when and how much.
  6. How and why.
  7. Extremely powerful memory aid.

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